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    Monthly Archives: April 2008

    • Time Management 101…Live Close to Work

      Time Management 101…Live Close to Work

      Hi! I'm Marti Kelcka, Urban Relocation Specialist, which is a fancy way of saying I help people new to Nashville find their place in and around our city’s core. Many out-of-town buyers are coming to view property in the city because they want to be closer to their jobs. Soaring gas prices and a desire to cut commuting time contribute to this trend of living closer to the workplace. More and more people want to live in neighborhoods where jobs and activities are close at hand. It’s becoming a real lifestyle choice that’s set to continue well into the future.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Rolling Mill Hill

      Rolling Mill Hill

      Hey, Kim Hessel here. I am one of the Realtors on Mark’s team, but I am also one of the sales team members selling Rolling Mill Hill. I wanted to let you know about the exciting transformation going on at The Hill. You know, the old Metro General Hospital.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Downtown Home Tour 2008

      Downtown Home Tour 2008

      This past weekend was the Downtown Partnership's annual Downtown Home Tour. Village Downtown was a platinum sponsor of the event and we had many properties open along the tour. Our Downtown office was even an official stop! We had about 250+ folks come through the door and check out our digs, and learn about some developments that are just outside of the Downtown core (East End Lofts, Rhythm at Music Row, & Werthan Lofts).
      Written by Callie Hughes

      Zach Goodyear here again. Yesterday I was talking with Tom Turner, Executive Director of the Nashville Downtown Partnership, and he was telling me about a website called He said it calculated the walkability of your neighborhood.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Word on the Street, from Katherine McKenna

      Word on the Street, from Katherine McKenna

      I have one of the more interesting seats in the downtown Village Real Estate office: up at the front. I listen as I work to the various orchestra of sounds that are downtown Nashville as much as the skyline includes the Batman building. I hear blurbs of conversations of those who walk by: talking on cell phones, to each other, to their dogs, to themselves. I used to hear the beep of the crosswalk but I’ve since blocked it out.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • What’s all the fuss about urban living?

      What’s all the fuss about urban living?

      Hi there! Zach Goodyear, here. I’m one of the Sales Managers for the CityLiving Team and work with many of our developers building condos in the urban area. I heard a question the other day during our Under $200,000 Bus Tour that made me realize we should elaborate on what CityLiving is really all about. The question was simple, “What is the main reason people live downtown?”
      Written by Callie Hughes

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