800 Main Building in East Nashville Renovated

    Good news for East Nashville and the area where 5th & Main is located…

    800 Main Building in East Nashville Renovated
    The Tennessean
    By Nancy Deville

    The economic recession may have stalled work at the former Bank of America building in East Nashville, but space is now ready to be sold or leased.

    The 110,000-square-foot building at 800 Main St. is undergoing renovation and being repurposed for office/retail space.

    The facility has been fully gutted, and while no contracts have been signed, developers hope to attract commercial business that will complement the East Nashville community.

    "We are open to a full range of possibilities," said Adam Leibowitz with Double A Development. "We are looking to bring more jobs to Main Street. We constantly have people inquiring about the property, and we are always open to accommodate their needs, but it has to be economically sound. We would love to see other office users since it’s a good alternative with what is happening downtown."

    In response to neighbors in the Historic Edgefield community, developers recently removed the chain link fencing surrounding the building on Main and Woodland Street.

    "We decided it was important to take the steps for cleaning up the building, both the interior as well as the exterior," Leibowitz said.

    Jason Ownbey, who heads the neighborhood’s beautification committee, says neighbors have been working for the past year to tidy up Main Street in hopes of attracting more businesses. The chain link fence was an eyesore.

    "There were weeds and trees that had grown up through the fence, and it had become rusty and parts of it were falling down," Ownbey said. "It’s amazing to see the transformation now that the fence has been taken down."

    Boards have been removed from windows of the red brick high-rise building, and those who pass by can see inside. Some were worried the removal of the fence will make the building a haven for the homeless. Leibowitz said there haven’t been an problems, and developers are working with the Metro East Precinct. Officers regularly patrol the area.

    "People may think it will increase illegal activity, but it was there before the chain came down and with the area being exposed, it gives fewer places to hide," Ownbey said. "Homeless activity has gone down to nothing since they gutted the building."

    Ownbey hopes the space attracts businesses that are compatible with East Nashville to further enhance its redevelopment.

    "I would love to see an increase in pedestrian activity to help energize the area," he said. "Main Street is so broad in what it can become. The area could easily become something like The Gulch is developing into and be full of life."

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