A Tip to Be a Bit Greener

    Hello blog readers! Zach Goodyear here. I wanted to talk to you about those relatively new swirly light bulbs called Compact Florescent Lights or CFLs. Now that that these bulbs are becoming more popular as a way to save energy, I have been wondering what to do with them when they eventually expire. Because they contain small amounts of mercury, just like any other fluorescent bulbs, it’s not environmentally appropriate to simply throw them in your household trash.

    After doing some research, I’ve found that there is a company in the Nashville area called Southeast Recycling Technologies that offers boxes for you to pack your used bulbs in and ship back to them. While the process is not completely free, it is relatively inexpensive, equating to about $1 per bulb.

    By clicking here, you can order a pre-labeled box for $15.75 that will hold between 12 and 15 used bulbs. You simply send them back to Southeast Recycling Technologies and they handle the recycling for you. It’s that easy! And these folks take old computers and other electronics too!

    I’d love to hear some feedback from people who have tried this. If you have other ideas of how to recycle old CFLs, send them along! Meanwhile, I need to go gather up some old computer equipment out of my basement and see what’s involved in recycling that!

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