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    • In Response…

      A reader left this comment on my most recent post: "When I purchased a pre-construction unit over a year ago, developers were not negotiating on price. It was pay this or you don't get it. From what I understand now is that a lot of other new developments are taking offers. Is this because of a hurting market or have they finally realized that the market may not support their prices? It's hard to say with everything being speculation and not many developments being completed. Also, I wonder how many buyers would choose to lose their initial deposits and walk away if a developer chooses not to negotiate prices now."
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Under $200,000 Market HOT!

      There is plenty of talk about the Nashville market, and slowing sales. Since Village is more urban then most, our market is strong, and we had our best month ever in July. We offered through our e-newsletter an Under $200K Tour, and invited folks to join us to see lofts and condos in the attainable price ranges on a Sunday afternoon.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Under Construction: Rhythm at Music Row

      Rhythm at Music Row is now becoming more tangible. Demolition of the existing building is complete, and we are starting site work and construction. We had a groundbreaking party at the end of July. It was really fun, and I think some 200 people attended the event.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Nashville’s Next Mayor

      Who do you want to be our mayor? And why? I've aligned with Briley, who has been a politician in Council for years - one of the strong members. He is green, progressive, young, and intelligent.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • The Urban Mural

      Check out the mural across from Werthan Lofts. For the last three to four months, a landmark neighborhood project on 8th Ave N in Germantown has been taking place. Created by artists, painted by neighbors, volunteers, children from the community, Werthan residents, the list goes on... If you look at it up close, it resembles a child's paint-by-numbers, with paint sloshing outside the lines. Look at it with just a little distance, it looks like art. Look at it through a social lens, and it is truly artistic, because of the community which created.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • I Feel Good About Nashville

      On Friday, a reader posted this comment in response to the Velocity blog: "I bought a unit at Velocity in the Gulch. I was really looking forward to the project. But now I am concerned. After buying parking and upgrading to glass windows, my rate is $343 per sqft. The project is going to be ready 2 years from now. I am wondering if prices would be able to hold till then, let alone any appreciation. By that time we may already have 10 more velocities in nashville. Due to over supply of condos, prices are going to suffer. Do you have any thoughts on this topic?"
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Velocity Has Momentum

      Velocity had a strong launch, selling 85 homes in the first day. The 53 TIF units, for affordable purchasers, were not released but will come soon. Buyers who make up to $34,500 should take notice, and buy at this project. The Gulch is getting stronger, and as retail fills in, the neighborhood activates. I for one like to see a neighborhood emerging where there was none. Funny, we only have two homes left at more then $300,000, and there are 265 in the project. The buyers bought from top down.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Get Your Greenways On

      Nashville is finally embracing its finest natural resource, the Cumberland River, which runs through our city. I am excited about the Riverfront Plan which has emerged over the past year. This 20 year plan aims to create water access for our citizenry, which will enhance the quality of life for downtown residents, office users, and even for our tourists.
      Written by Callie Hughes
    • Nashville’s Market Mix of For Sale and For Lease

      Nashville is enjoying a resurgence at its core, and has now embraced downtown residential neighborhoods. Below is a link to data from the Nashville Downtown Partnership, which breaks down the for sale, for lease options available. Downtown Nashville Residential Report July 2006.
      Written by Callie Hughes

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