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    Erica Tober here, Marketing Director on the CityLiving Team. My job on the team is to coordinate marketing and advertising efforts for many of our development listings, resale listings, and our team!

    Village as a company makes many efforts to be green, and I personally started out this year with a small goal to begin my path to a greener lifestyle…NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS! Did you know that a plastic bag (like the kind you get at the grocery store or Target) can take up to 1000 years to decompose in a landfill? It’s the longest lasting piece of trash! I purchased reusable canvas totes from EcoBags.com and keep them in the trunk of my car. It took me a few visits to Kroger to remember to bring them in with me, and a few dashes back out to the car to retrieve them once I was in the check out line, but now it is just a habit to bring them in. I started keeping one in the backseat to bring in other places like the drugstore.

    The other way I was consuming plastic bags regularly was by picking up after my dog. I did a lot of research to figure out the best way to avoid using plastic bags in this way, since I was basically fossilizing waste that would on its own decompose naturally. I found this awesome web site that sells biodegradable plastic bags made especially for pet waste. The url is great…wait for it…PoopBags.com.

    I will admit that I’m still bundling my trash in plastic bags, which makes me grimace each time I take the trash out. You can buy compostable trash bags, such as ones from BioBagUSA.com, but they are pretty expensive ($6.50 for 12 kitchen bags). As soon as this trend catches on more, I’m sure the price will come down, and I’ll make that switch as well.

    Check out this neat presentation MSNBC did on the debate over paper vs. plastic. Of course, I’m a proponent of canvas bags, but there are some neat points in this.

    So the moral of the story…make the switch to canvas bags! Please?

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      Thanks for the props for Ecobags.com! You’re right. Why create even more permanent, toxic trash by purchasing bags that are made from a material that can’t be recycled or reused? Canvas bags last for years and the few non-woven polypropylene bags that I have owned have all ripped. The one good use I’ve found is as a foundation for mulch in the garden! Nothing grows through them and water still seeps through. Thanks again!


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