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    How this influential couple envisions ‘It City’

    Mark was recently featured in the Nashville Business Journal with his wife, Sherry, founder and former CEO of LetterLogic. 

    Source: Nashville Business Journal 

    Sherry Stewart Deutschmann discovered Wedgewood-Houston. She wants that on the record.

    Deutschmann, who sold her printing company LetterLogic late last year, joked about her early entry into one of Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods while sitting for a joint interview with her husband, Mark Deutschmann, a leader in Nashville’s bustling real estate scene who’s focused much of his development efforts on resurrecting former industrial zones like the hot spot just south of downtown that Sherry’s business long called home.

    “We didn’t start buying [land in] Wedgewood-Houston until maybe three or four years ago,” Mark said. “I was very familiar with LetterLogic at that time.”

    The Deutschmanns, who met in 2004, have been married since 2008. In the years since they began to date, both have grown their businesses and profiles considerably, something the pair attributes in part to their competitive natures and ability to drive one another.

    Together, they’re one of the Nashville business community’s most notable power couples, each having achieved success in separate but related spheres of influence.

    Sherry is one of Nashville’s best-known entrepreneurial success stories, having built a business from her basement to tens of millions of dollars in revenue before selling to an out-of-state private equity buyer — all while setting a new standard in what employee benefits (and compensation) can look like. She’s used her reputation to encourage other CEOs to follow suit with their employees.

    She speaks often on local panels, serves on the board of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and, now, is sketching out plans for new ventures to encourage female entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps. The power of her voice extends to Washington, D.C., where she’s traveled many times as part of her work with a variety of federal task forces.

    Mark, founder of Village Real Estate Services and Core Development Services, has an eye for the next hot neighborhood. Where he invests, others are sure to follow. But he’s wielded his influence with city leaders as well, paving the way for Nashville’s growing greenways system and advocating for “smart growth” policies that he believes can move Nashville forward without leaving parts of its population behind.

    As Nashville grapples with the challenges of growth, from gentrification to a widening wealth gap, a conversation with the socially minded Deutschmanns provides unique insight into not only the issues at the heart of Music City today, but also the secrets behind the marital success of a dynamic duo of entrepreneurs. The couple makes it clear they believe in thinking deeply about how to pursue growth — be it in your business or your city — while putting the most people as possible in a position to benefit.

    Noted entrepreneur Michael Burcham, a friend of the couple who worked closely with Sherry while leading the charge to launch the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, said the Deutschmanns “are poised” to extend their sway as Music City booms, given the examples they set and the issues they work toward.

    “The two of them together are just kind of model citizens that Nashville’s proud of,” Burcham said. “We could use 100 more of them.”

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