Summer Energy Saving Tips

    We’re always trying to figure out ways to be greener over at the CityLiving Team. Here are some tips you might find useful like we did!

    Turn Up Your Thermostat! – When you are home, set your thermostat to 78 degrees. When you are away, turn it off entirely or set it to 85 degrees. Ceiling and room fans circulate the air, allowing you to give your AC a break. You’ll see 1-3% savings per degree your thermostat is set about 72 degrees!

    Replace Air Conditioner Filters – Airflow is restricted when your filters are dirty. This means your AC will run longer than it needs to in order to cool down your home. Replace filters at least every three months, or possibly even less! You can now buy inexpensive, handy attachments that will make a whistle sound when your filter needs to be replaced!

    Seal Leaks – Use weather stripping, sealant, and caulk where necessary to plug leaky doors and windows. You can also install foam gaskets behind outlet covers to reduce drafts. You could see savings up to 2%!

    Window Shading – Curtains and blinds aren’t just for decorative purposes! Use them to shield your home from direct light. Shading your home from the sun could result in 5% energy savings.

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