Time Management 101…Live Close to Work

    Hi! I’m Marti Kelcka, Urban Relocation Specialist, which is a fancy way of saying I help people new to Nashville find their place in and around our city’s core. Many out-of-town buyers are coming to view property in the city because they want to be closer to their jobs. Soaring gas prices and a desire to cut commuting time contribute to this trend of living closer to the workplace. More and more people want to live in neighborhoods where jobs and activities are close at hand. It’s becoming a real lifestyle choice that’s set to continue well into the future.

    Plus, it’s not a purely self-serving shift. A study by the Urban Land Institute states that compact development – mixing housing and businesses in denser patterns, with walkable neighborhoods – could do as much to lower emissions as fuel economy increases and other measures now being contemplated. Being able to spend less time behind the wheel benefits our health, our pocketbooks, and the environment. Whether you’re considering a move like this from the city of Seattle or from the suburbs of Williamson County, the next time you’re stuck in traffic ask yourself this question, “What would I do with all that extra time if I didn’t have this commute?” Following are a few ideas to get you started with the answer…

    • Go to the gym to get fit! There’s an awesome 24 hour fitness center Downtown at Cummins Station. Check it out at http://www.goperformancefit.com/.
    • Sign up for an evening class to improve your mind! Did you know the Nashville Library on Church Street offers a plethora of classes and lectures? There’s even an art gallery on the 1st floor! Go here and click on events.
    • Go home for lunch and take a nap. You’ll probably have a healthier meal and feel refreshed for the afternoon.
    • Cook a proper meal! How about freshly made rosemary peppercorn fettucini with slow cooked homemade marinara sauce! Pick it up at this authentic market in Germantown and enjoy the taste of Italy in your leisure. http://www.lazzaroli.com/
    • Go dancing! Join friends and neighbors for a weekly Ballroom Dance class every Tuesday night at Uptown 162.
    • Enjoy a long walk before dark. Stroll along the riverfront on Nashville’s Downtown Greenway. Click here for a map!
    • Have a spa night – Relax at Urban Sun in Cummins Station where you can enjoy a massage or get a tan!
    • Have breakfast in a café before work. One of my favorites is 417 Union. Take a look at the menu on their website.

    If you are already living downtown and loving it, I invite you to add to this list of all the cool things to do in our vibrant city. If you’re tired of living an abridged social life and still lamenting over hours spent in your car, let us know! We can help you find just the right place to fit the lifestyle you want.

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