What’s all the fuss about urban living?

    Hi there! Zach Goodyear, here. I’m one of the Sales Managers for the CityLiving Team and work with many of our developers building condos in the urban area. I heard a question the other day during our Under $200,000 Bus Tour that made me realize we should elaborate on what CityLiving is really all about. The question was simple, “What is the main reason people live downtown?”

    I thought about it and there’s actually not one main reason. CityLiving is obviously about cool, cutting edge places to call home. But what are the fringe benefits of living in an urban area? On the front page of NashvilleCityLiving.com you read our mission and definition of CityLiving:

    Nashville CityLiving is about moving back to the city. It’s about the revitalization and preservation of Nashville’s character, simplifying our lives and exploring new ways of building communities.

    I started to make a list of specific benefits you receive from living in an urban, walkable community that I thought I would share. Some of these are simple, some help save you some money, and some are truly life saving. I would encourage you to share your own thoughts about what CityLiving means to you in the comments section of this post.

    Living in an urban area helps you:

    • Save gas (which is worth a lot of money these days!)
    • Save time (we all know time is money and time is also one thing we can all use more of)
    • Cut down on commuting (saving gas and time, and therefore money!)
    • Increase your health from walking more, causing you to LIVE LONGER!
    • Lower your stress levels from not being stuck in traffic (can you say, “No more road rage?” – again, causing you to live longer)
    • More intimate involvement with your community, allowing you to create friendships and meet people you may never have known before
    • Help justify the need for sidewalks (we all know Nashville is a place that could always use more sidewalks)
    • Create a demand for recycling old buildings downtown and saving them from being demolished, thereby reducing the need for new building supplies which can help cut back on deforestation and help save the environment
    • Justify the need for an expanded mass transit system in Nashville which would reduce emissions and create convenience for everyone

    This is just the beginning. Again, I would encourage you to brainstorm a little and add to this list what CityLiving means to you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    To contact Zach, email him at zgoodyear@villagerealestate.com.

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    • Anonymous

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      two things:

      1) a front row seat to every major nashville event — music, sports, marathons, awards shows

      b) fire finch!


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