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    Germantown | Salemtown Real Estate

    Bordered by 8th Avenue North & 3rd Avenue North and between Jefferson Street¬†and Hume Street, Historic Germantown is Nashville’s uptown oasis. The town’s oldest residential community is just a few steps from the Bicentennial Mall and the Farmer’s Market. Investors and artists alike head north for easy access to restaurants, entertainment, and spectacular views of the State Capitol.

    Germantown is all about diversity. Cavernous estates border modest worker’s cottages. The eight-block area is an architecturally heterogeneous mixture of residences built between 1840 and 1930, and new houses are built according to the neighborhood’s historic architectural guidelines. With residential, commercial, office, retail and industrial entities coexisting side-by-side, Historic Germantown truly is a mixed-use urban neighborhood. Nashvillians in the know attend the popular Oktoberfest celebration, put together by the very active neighborhood association each year.