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    The Gulch

    With the central point being the intersections of 11th Avenue North & 12th Avenue North, The Gulch was originally defined by the railroad system of Nashville’s past. At one time in history, over 100 trains passed through this area on any given day. But when new modes of transportation took over, The Gulch became a forgotten pocket of Nashville where new development was often suggested but never executed – until 1999 when a local investment group spearheaded the beginning of a major redevelopment. This eventually led to the Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency claiming The Gulch as an official Redevelopment District, meaning it was eligible for government financial support.

    Today, The Gulch is moving full steam ahead towards becoming one of Nashville’s most urban neighborhoods. Chic restaurants have moved in and it is becoming a downtown retail mecca.

    Part of the development of The Gulch as an urban neighborhood is of course offering many different residential options. Many loft and condo developments are currently under construction, completed, or planned for the area. It is estimated that over 3000 people will live in The Gulch if the full redevelopment plan comes to fruition.