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    Nashville’s Greenways


    As Nashville continues to grow, we recognize the importance of preserving and protecting the natural and cultural areas of this city. One of the ways our city strives to do so is through Greenways for Nashville – a non-profit organization that has assisted in developing a trail footprint of 80 miles, acquiring over 4,266 acres for conservation and protecting 11,000 acres of land.

    As of 2016, Nashville has 80 miles of greenway trails (including paved, off-street and multi-use trails), plus over 150 miles of primitive and paved trails in local parks. Mark Deutschmann is currently the president of Greenways for Nashville, and plays a vital roll in continuing to build and grow Nashville’s green spaces

    Parks and Greenways Master Plan

    Metro Parks and Recreation has released the new 2017 Master Plan. “Plan to Play” tells the story of what is needed to help the park and greenways system grow and thrive in the coming years. For more information, visit the plan to play website.

    As of 2017, Nashville has 86 miles of greenway trails (including paved, off-street and multi-use trails), plus over 150 miles of primitive and paved trails in local parks. About 5 new miles of greenways have already received funding and are in the design or construction phase, with more miles of greenway targeted for completion over the next several years.

    Greenways in Your Neighborhood

    Browns Creek Greenway (12South | 8th Ave)
    0.65 miles, paved
    In the Battlemont neighborhood, features a loop among mature trees and landscape dotted with stone walls.
    816 Park Terrace  (not Park Terrace Dr), 37204


    Percy and Edwin Warner Parks (Belle Meade | Bellevue)
    12 miles, primitive
    Percy and Edwin Warner Parks include 2,808 acres. Percy Warner contains hiking trails as well as 10 miles of equestrian bridle paths.
    Edwin Warner Park, separated from Percy Warner by Old Hickory Blvd, has its own set of hiking trails, as well as Warner Parks Nature Center. Edwin Warner hosts two trailheads that are the starting points of the Harpeth River Greenway system. The two parks are connected by a trail that crosses Old Hickory Blvd.
    50 Vaughn Road, 37221
    7311 Highway 100, 37221


    Richland Creek Greenway (Sylvan Park | White Bridge Road)
    4 miles, paved
    Looped path in the Sylvan Park neighborhood connecting golf, community center and shopping.
    Old White Bridge Trailhead, 230 Kenner Ave. N, 37205
    White Bridge Road Trailhead, 22 White Bridge Road, 37205
    Lion’s Head Trailhead, 26 White Bridge Road, 37205
    Neighborhood Connector, 4617 Sloan Road, 37209
    Wyoming Trailhead, 101 46th Ave. N., 37209
    Google Map


    Centennial Park (West End)
    2.3 mile, walking
    The park features a lake, meandering trails, and a paved multi-use trail.
    2500 West End Ave, 37203


    Cumberland River Greenway: MetroCenter Levee (Salemtown | Germantown)
    3 miles, paved
    Along the open air Cumberland River levee from Great Circle Road through to Ted Rhodes Golf Course, featuring public art and a number of river overlooks.
    Freeland Station Trailhead, 766 Freeland Station Road, 37228
    Great Circle Road Trailhead, 231 Great Circle Road, 37228
    Google Map


    Cumberland River Greenway: Downtown
    1.5 miles, paved
    From MetroCenter Levee Greenway’s Great Circle trailhead into Downtown to 1st Ave along Fort Nashborough and Riverfront Park, with spurs along the way to Morgan Park and Bicentennial State Park.
    Riverfront Park, 100 First Avenue North, 37201
    Morgan Park, 411 Hume Street, 37208
    Google Map


    Shelby Bottoms Park and Greenway (East Nashville)
    15.27 miles, paved; 6.53 miles primitive
    Mostly along the Cumberland River, trail starts from the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and runs 3 miles to the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge, linking to the Stones River Greenway as part of the Music City Bikeway. Several spurs lead into the East Nashville neighborhoods bordering the park encompassing 960 acres.
    Main Trailhead, 1900 Davidson Street, 37206
    Forrest Green Trailhead, 2032 Forrest Green Drive, 37216
    Cooper Creek Trailhead, 2544 McGinnis Drive, 37216
    Neighborhood Connector, 995 Shadow Lane, 37206
    Neighborhood Connector, 2692 Fortland Drive, 37206
    Google Map


    Current Projects

    I-440 Greenway/Bikeway Pilot Project
    440 Greenway connecting Centennial Park to Elmington Park is under construction. Our thanks to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for the needed right of way. Metro Parks is already starting to design phase II of the 440 Greenway project which will likely be near the four corners of Granny White Pike at 440. Right of way for the remainder of the corridor to the I65 split is in process with TDOT. Metro also intends to reapply for the TIGER grant in 2017.
    Although the 2016 application was not funded, federal officials were highly encouraging in a de-briefing, reporting that the project scored high and was well received during many levels of review. Thanks to the Metro team that helped pull together the strong application.
    Route Feasibility Study – Overall Route Analysis.


    Mill Creek Greenway
    Mill Creek Greenway at Rivendell off Bell Road is meeting a need for large residential communities to enjoy close-to-home access to a new one-mile trail and scenic green space.address: 5565 Hickory Park Drive.

    Mill Creek Park to Orchard Bend Park. Construction will begin this Winter on expansion of the existing 1.75 mile trail from the trailhead behind Mill Run subdivision, downstream to a new trailhead on Pettus Road. Looping through the soon to-be constructed Orchard Bend Park, the trail will terminate at the blueway access constructed by Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association on Mill Creek. This new trail will add 2.0 additional miles to the greenway. A new connector trail will also be constructed, linking Hidden Creek subdivision and the greenway to the Thurgood Marshall Middle School campus on Pettus Road.


    Stones River Greenway
    Cumberland River Opry Mills Greenway Connector is under planning with a TDOT grant application pending. Anticipated since the Cumberland River Pedestrian bridge was built, this connector will run along the river cliff between the bridge to the low-lying mall and hotel complex. It will connect residents of East Nashville, Donelson and Hermitage to the employment and entertainment centers at Opry Mills, and connect tourists to Shelby Bottoms and downtown. The views will be awesome!


    Harpeth River Greenway
    Harpeth River Soccer to Highway 70. Design is underway on this connector, with construction planned for Fall 2017. This segment will provide important connectivity from the greenway to businesses and restaurants on 70 and new projects replacing Bellevue Mall. It will also separate greenway access from the soccer complex with a new stand-alone trailhead facility off Coley Davis Road.


    Whites Creek Greenway
    Whites Creek Fontanel Phase II. Construction is coming this spring on an expansion of the existing trail. This segment will connect the former Cedarwood property to the community garden across Whites Creek Pike to the south. A northbound expansion to Old Hickory Boulevard is also in the design phase. Our thanks to the Fontanel folks for the right of way and partnership.


    Browns Creek Greenway
    Browns Creek Greenway at Fairgrounds. Planning and design are beginning by Metro for improvements to the Fairground facilities and campus. This will include coordination with Metro Parks for incorporation of a greenway trail, dog park and park multi-purpose fields.


    Gulch Greenway – North Gulch
    Expansion of the Gulch greenway is underway. It will run on the north side of Charlotte Pike at the Capitol View project (HCA and Lifeway new facilities under development) and will connect to a planned pocket park on Johnston Avenue. The project is a public/private partnership between Metro and Capitol View Joint Venture and an important step toward closing the greenway loop to the Bicentennial Mall.


    Click here for a list of all of Nashville’s Greenways and Maps.