At VILLAGE, we recognize the importance of a healthy, vibrant community. We feel that supporting the community in which we work and live is not just an idea, but our responsibility to help it thrive. Giving to causes which strengthen our neighborhoods, the land and the local economy elevates our great city. The greater our city can become, the more we will all benefit.

    The VILLAGE Fund was born out of this passion. VILLAGE’s non-profit foundation is designed to benefit from our collective success and prosperity, giving to a wide array of local and national non-profits.

    Our greater VILLAGE family is instrumental in this endeavor of building a better Nashville. We count on the generosity and shared values of our agents, clients, business partners, vendors, staff, and friends. CityLiving Group agents have committed to support the VILLAGE Fund.  Each agent donates a portion of their commissions to the fund.

    We invite you to join us in making Nashville great. It is easy to give! Simply Click Here or mail a check made payable to the VILLAGE Fund to:

    VILLAE Fund Manager c/o Village Real Estate Services, 2206 21st Avenue South, Ste 200, Nashville, TN 37212.


    For a VILLAGE Fund grant request, Click Here and fill out the form.




    Housing – A city is defined by its housing. Attainable housing ownership not only provides basic shelter needs, it also sustains the local economy, builds wealth for families and established community networks, and nurtures neighborhoods. The VILLAGE Fund contributes to housing related organizations including Room In the Inn, Magdalene House, Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity, and Urban Housing Solutions.

    Community– Our experience of Nashville life is within the very neighborhoods we live. Dynamic, healthy communities stimulate growth. Whether it is to beautify our streets, build and maintain our parks, or support community events to encourage neighbors to build relationships, support of our neighborhood associations is essential. Giving to local schools and youth enrichment programs, such as Oasis Center and Salama Urban Ministries, invest in our future. Helping members of our community through crisis or growth, such as programs with Exchange Family Center and Nashville Homeless Power Project ensures resources will remain available.

    Environment & Smart Growth– As we grow, smart growth and sustainability issues become increasingly more important. We believe in protecting our environment and controlling our growth to have the least amount of impact. Whether through retrofitting our historic homes or preserving our green spaces, the VILLAGE Fund gives to organizations that share in these same ideas and goals such as Greenways for Nashville, Cumberland River Impact, and Nashville Civic Design Center.

    The Arts– A city with a strong arts community will flourish. We need the arts in Nashville to energize, express and empower ourselves and others. Art inspires creativity that can stimulate our local economy, enrich our culture and encourage success in schools. We support organizations such as Nashville Children’s Theater, Belcourt Theater, W.O. Smith Community Music School, and Nashville Independent Film Festival.